Email Marketing

Created Email Marketing on Photoshop/Ai/InDesign/Canva/Adobe Spark and plugged it in MailChimp to create effective targeted marketing campaigns. Each email was personalized and minor template changes were deployed for different email groups.

It's Not Too Late to Make Christmas Presents! Last Day to Glaze is 12/17/16! Did We Mention that We are Open during the Winter Break? (We Heard Your Plea, Parents! Consider it Our Way of Brightening Up Your Holidays!
Ornament Painting Party on December 3rd at The Ceramics Studio! 25% OFF ALL ORNAMENTS!! 
Our studio is closed on March 4th! Join us outdoors for the Festival of Whales Wag-a-thon at La Plaza Park in Dana Point from 10AM to 3PM!
Surprise your valentine to a date night he or she will never forget! Join us for a Dirty Date Night on February 11th & 14th from 5PM to 8PM-Limited spots remaining!
Join us at Chakra Cuisine for the best happy hour in Beverly Hills from 4:30PM to 7:30PM everyday!

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